4 Tips to Make Your Condo Community Eco-Friendly for Summer

As awareness grows of environmental issues, residents increasingly expect eco-friendly management of the communities they live in. As a bonus, eco-friendly management often reduces costs. During the summer, property managers can take relatively simple measures to make their condo community eco-friendly. 1. Landscape for Shade The right upgrades to your community's outdoor space can reduce the

5 Tips to Get Repeat Renters for a Vacation Home

Renting a vacation home is a big commitment for travelers. However, once they've found a spot they like, they are likely to return to the same property. Repeat renters are a bonus for vacation property owners. The property owner can rent to someone they know and may be able to expect reliable income. Here's how

Three Things To Consider When Renovating Commercial Property

Everyone loves the idea of buying an old place and fixing it up, particularly somewhere historic - and the potential for a enviable and successful business such as a hotel, bed and breakfast, movie theater, or old-time restaurant exists! People love history and culture, and they love to go to anywhere with a theme -

Three Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company

If you own commercial property that deals with tenants, or are thinking of buying a commercial property that deals with tenants, hiring a commercial property manager can save you a lot of time, hassle, and potentially money. Particularly if you own multiple commercial properties, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them

Three Things To Always Have During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is long, and while we have officially been in season for a while, the most destructive hurricanes have almost always occurred in August and September. We are now halfway through August, so even if there's no storms forming out at sea now, don't become too comfortable. Hurricane escape plans, especially for the Florida

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Impress Millennial Guests With These 3 Simple Changes To Room Service

If you own a hotel or bed & breakfast in the Florida Keys, you might have noticed that Millennial travelers are different from guests in past decades. We know that Millennials prefer micro-cations to vacations and we've already discussed that trend. Even the way to best appeal to a Millennial ordering room service is untraditional.

Should You Hire An Instagram Influencer To Market Your Florida Keys Business?

For decades, no business owner thought twice about hiring whatever celebrity they could afford to star in commercials to influence consumers. Right? These days, things are so different. Now, so much of marketing is done on social media. In order to fully market your Florida Keys business to Millennials, you'll need to be seen on

Millennials Love Micro-cations In The Florida Keys

Most Millennials no longer take vacations, at least not the types of vacations that hardworking people have taken for decades. For Millennials, micro-cations are the new vacation. Millennials love taking micro-cations to the Florida Keys and business owners in the Florida Keys can take note of this growing trend. Millennials tend to adore traveling to

How To Write Ad Content To Attract Millennials To Your Florida Keys Business

Millennials don't like normal advertising techniques. They are more likely to support your business based on shared values than a clever ad gimmick. They want authenticity. What they want matters too because they are now the largest group of consumers that you will find. Is your Florida Keys business competitive in this vastly different market?

How To Spot Roseate Spoonbills (The Other Large Pink Bird) In The Florida Keys

We recently posted a blog post about how to spot flamingos in the Florida Keys. Did you know that flamingos aren't the only bubble-gum colored bird that your customers can spot in the Keys? If you planning to open a business in the Florida Keys or if you are planning to buy an existing business

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