Tips on Remodeling Your Rental Property

Rental properties need periodic renovation, whether to keep such units in a state of good repair or to keep up with changing renter requirements. While the general processes of renovating a rental property are similar to those used for a personal residence, they are also different in one key way. You're not renovating the property

3 Types of Rental Property Investments for New Investors

For those who are looking for their first rental property investment, diversity in the market only serves to confuse them. There are just too many variables to the equation that leads to a successful investment. New investors can make better choices by discovering the best types of property investments in the rental market. Single-Family Units

Simple Things That Make a Rental Property More Valuable

As someone who owns rental properties, it's vital to your business to preserve the value of your properties in a way that will keep them relevant in today's highly competitive rental market. One of the best ways to do just that is to make small improvements that can lead to steady increases in the value

5 Tips to Get Repeat Renters for a Vacation Home

Renting a vacation home is a big commitment for travelers. However, once they've found a spot they like, they are likely to return to the same property. Repeat renters are a bonus for vacation property owners. The property owner can rent to someone they know and may be able to expect reliable income. Here's how

Ease Your Way Into Rental Property Investing with Leases

There is a strategy used by some investors who want the advantages of rental property ownership but are unwilling or unable to buy a property. The Lease Purchase or Rent-To-Own transaction is how this would-be investor can collect the cash flow from a rental home without owning it. The Acquisition Lease-Purchase As the investor, you

Why You Need a Transient License When Buying a Vacation Rental Property in Key West

Key West is a booming tourist destination. This means it can also be a lucrative investment. Many people purchase homes in the Keys to use as vacation homes or seasonal residences. This means the property is sitting there unused for months when it could be making the owner money. The City of Key West requires

Three Popular Types Of Commercial Real Estate

When someone is looking to define the difference between residential and commercial real estate, the most important thing to help you remember is to consider what the property is being used for. If the primary use is going to be to reside or live in, it is residential property. When the primary use of the

Three Amazing Reasons To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

If you've never investigated the ownership of commercial real estate, you might be in the dark about why people wish to take on a loan commitment in addition to residential property. For some, the answer is very straightforward - it's their primary source of income/how they own a business! For others, though, it may not

Three Healthy Workplace Strategies To Amp Up Your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, or a nightclub, there are definite strategies that you can implement among your business and employees to reduce employee attrition rates and attract lots of patrons. It's really true that a healthy - or unhealthy - workplace begins at the top, so if you don't have

Three Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company

If you own commercial property that deals with tenants, or are thinking of buying a commercial property that deals with tenants, hiring a commercial property manager can save you a lot of time, hassle, and potentially money. Particularly if you own multiple commercial properties, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them

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