As awareness grows of environmental issues, residents increasingly expect eco-friendly management of the communities they live in. As a bonus, eco-friendly management often reduces costs. During the summer, property managers can take relatively simple measures to make their condo community eco-friendly.

1. Landscape for Shade

The right upgrades to your community’s outdoor space can reduce the building’s heat gain for lower cooling costs. Landscaping to increase the property’s shade is an example. You can get started by planting deciduous trees on the south side of the building. Selecting trees that are native or adapted to your climate reduces their need to be watered.

2. Install a Green Roof

A green roof not only reduces heat gain from the sun but also lowers storm water runoff. Simply planting ground cover creates a basic green roof. However, a more elaborate green roof can be marketed as an amenity for residents. Creating a rooftop community garden would be an attractive feature for many city dwellers. Turning the roof into a green entertaining space is another option. For that, management could install planter boxes flowing with colorful blooms and seating shaded by shrubs or vines.

3. Cool Efficiently

A well-maintained HVAC system operates more efficiently. If the HVAC system’s annual maintenance has not been done, schedule it as soon as possible. Keeping hot air out is an important part of reducing cooling needs. Caulk leaks around windows and exterior doors.

4. Host a Party to Educate Your Residents

Educating your residents to be more eco-friendly in their units this summer can lower expenses with almost no cost to management. Have some refreshments available in the lobby as residents come home on a weekday evening. Have someone speak on what residents can do. Ask residents to sign a green pledge to follow eco-friendly tips. Listing what residents can do on their pledge can serve as a reminder for them. Things to list could include not turning their thermostat lower than 72 degrees, closing window treatments if they’re out during the day (to lower solar heat gain), or turning off unused lights.
Making a Condo community more eco-friendly for summer can build goodwill with residents and lower costs. That’s a great winning combination for any property manager.

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