Hurricane season is long, and while we have officially been in season for a while, the most destructive hurricanes have almost always occurred in August and September. We are now halfway through August, so even if there’s no storms forming out at sea now, don’t become too comfortable. Hurricane escape plans, especially for the Florida Keys, can be tricky. The number one element is to remember that you need to heed all warnings. If you are told to evacuate, you need to do it. Homes can be replaced. Because things always get a little rocky and tough during a mandatory evacuation, we suggest you have three things available at all times.

Three Things To Always Have During Hurricane Season

  • Money and important documents
  • An Escape Route
  • Fresh Water in Your Vehicle

When massive storms outbreak, there may be multiple serious happenings at once – torrential rain and flooding, sea swell, electrical blowouts (which can cause fires), and the washing away of roads and infrastructure. This level of storm is very unusual but always a possibility, so you need to be prepared. Have a copy of your birth certificate and other important documents in a locked box in your home that you can grab very quickly if need be. As Hurricane Katrina taught us, they are nearly impossibly to duplicate after a devastating storm. On the same token, it may be a good idea to have cash money because card readers may go down for miles.
You need to have a plan about how and when you will leave. Are you taking others? What are you doing with you pets? Which route is the safest? The earlier you leave, the less traffic you encounter and the safer you are.
Keep a couple gallons of fresh water in your vehicle at all times. That way, even if your car becomes disabled by a road that is impassible or similar, you don’t have to worry about thirst. These are minimal standards – you will likely need to have many more plans in place, but this is a basic guide to get you thinking about safety.

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