Ease Your Way Into Rental Property Investing with Leases

There is a strategy used by some investors who want the advantages of rental property ownership but are unwilling or unable to buy a property. The Lease Purchase or Rent-To-Own transaction is how this would-be investor can collect the cash flow from a rental home without owning it. The Acquisition Lease-Purchase As the investor, you

4 Market Phases You Must Know For Real Estate Investing in 2020

If you're new to commercial real estate, or investing in real estate period, you may not be aware that there are four market phases that you need to get to know quite well. Fortunately, they aren't difficult to understand, but they play a tremendous role in what's hot, what's not, and what type of real

3 Things To Avoid When Buying Commercial Property

When buying commercial property, it's tempting to make an offer on the first property you fall in love with - and while you might not make an error by following your heart, chances are greater that you could. You should consider buying commercial property the same as entering a committed relationship, because that's what you

Three Steps To Opening A Restaurant in The Florida Keys

Opening a restaurant can be a grand adventure, and it's also a time of uncertainty. Location will be key player in the success of your business. When you consider areas that always have a high influx of vacationers and tourists, opening a restaurant in The Florida Keys makes perfect sense. There are locals like anywhere,

Three Amazing Reasons To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

If you've never investigated the ownership of commercial real estate, you might be in the dark about why people wish to take on a loan commitment in addition to residential property. For some, the answer is very straightforward - it's their primary source of income/how they own a business! For others, though, it may not

Three Common Pitfalls To Avoid in Commercial Real Estate

If you're in the market for a new commercial real estate property, it's an exciting time! No doubt you have many dreams of where your new business and building can take you. Always be sure that reality and your goals align, however. It can be tempting to overlook certain things because there's other aspects about

Three Types Of Commercial Business Loans

When searching for a commercial business loan, there are many types out there, and if you have little experience with commercial business loans, it is smart to seek an accountant's advice before you sign on the dotted line. There is so much that differs between types of loans, types of business, how much risk the

Three Great Businesses For Commercial Property In Key West

Thinking of starting a business in Key West, Florida? If so, you've picked a wonderful place! Not only is Key West known for its clear blue waters, white sand and tropical beaches, it has a rich history dating back hundreds of years, with legends of pirates and Europeans making land and staking claim to the

Four Legal Tips For Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

There are legalities involved in purchasing any real estate, and that's especially true when dealing with commercial real estate purchases. Even if this is not your first time purchasing commercial real estate, make sure you are legally covered in every aspect. You really should be working with a good real estate agent and attorney, but

Three Aspects Lenders Consider When You Apply For A Commercial Business Loan

Obtaining a commercial business loan is a bit harder than other types of real estate, because there is more risk to the lender involved. If your business doesn't do well, you aren't the only one who potentially stands to lose a lot. But it's certainly not impossible - and it's even not that hard when

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