5 Tips to Get Repeat Renters for a Vacation HomeRenting a vacation home is a big commitment for travelers. However, once they’ve found a spot they like, they are likely to return to the same property. Repeat renters are a bonus for vacation property owners. The property owner can rent to someone they know and may be able to expect reliable income. Here’s how to get vacationers to become repeat renters.

  1. Make it sparkle: A dirty, dingy property is sure to turn off repeat renters. They may also leave unfavorable reviews about the property online. Don’t skimp on a good, reliable housekeeping service. It will pay off with the repeat business.
  2. Give bonuses for repeat renters: While many offers are for first-time customers, flip this on its head and offer repeat renters a break on the cost. This makes them feel special and shows them the property owner appreciates the repeat business.
  3. Have a guestbook: A guestbook is a small, inexpensive touch that helps renters see who has been through the property. Repeat guests love seeing their name in the book over the years. It makes them feel welcomed each time they return.
  4. Make the cook happy: If the property advertises a gourmet kitchen, but the kitchen items are cheap and worn out, renters are likely to look for a different property next time. A set of sharp knives, sturdy cooking utensils, and brand name pots and pans are all that’s needed. The property doesn’t need to have a lot of these items. Remember quality is better than quantity. 
  5. Follow-up as soon as they leave: Don’t wait two months to send the renters a “thank you” note. Pop a card in the mail the day they leave so it’s waiting when they return home. It’s a small touch that makes the renters feel like they weren’t just another visitor. Keep the note short and simple. Remember to send them notes on a regular cycle so they don’t forget about the property next time they are ready to rent a vacation home.

These are just a few ways to get repeat business for a vacation rental. Renters are always looking for beautiful properties that make them feel at home. Start with these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a vacation property with repeat renters.

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