Florida Keys Communities [Part 3]: Exploring Communities, Keys & Cities In The Middle Florida Keys

This series of blog posts features the communities, villages, cities and keys in the Florida Keys archipelago, because, there's still so much unrevealed about our area. In the first blog post in this series, we introduced a multitude of communities in the Florida Keys. In the second post in the series, we looked more closely

Florida Keys Communities [Part 2]: Exploring Communities, Keys & Cities In The Upper Florida Keys

Though the Florida Keys sees ample tourists, there's still so much unrevealed about our area and the communities that can be found along the Florida Keys. In a previous blog post, we introduced a multitude of communities in the Florida Keys, but now we'd like to explore these communities a little bit more. Let's start

Does Your Florida Keys Business Have a Blog? Today’s Consumers Read Blog Posts Before They Buy

This new generation of consumers came of age in the thick of the technology boom and the midst of the Great Recession. This has made this new generation of consumers more cautious buyers. They have the tools to thoroughly research purchases before making them and the understanding of why it's important not to make wasteful

Crucial Resources For Starting A Business In Monroe County, Florida

If you are planning to start a business in Monroe County, Florida, there are some important basics you need to know. Here's a handy resource guide for Monroe County entrepreneurs. Monroe County Occupational Licenses If you need an occupational license in Monroe County, you can obtain one at 88800 Overseas Highway in Plantation Key. Call (305)

Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Specialized, Differ From Residential Agents

Commercial real estate involves an enormous range of minutiae compared to residential real estate. It's imperative that you don't use a residential real estate agent to handle your commercial real estate needs. Your real estate team must be well-seasoned in commercial real estate. State, federal, and local laws are involved. Especially in the Florida Keys,

How To Write Ad Content To Attract Millennials To Your Florida Keys Business

Millennials don't like normal advertising techniques. They are more likely to support your business based on shared values than a clever ad gimmick. They want authenticity. What they want matters too because they are now the largest group of consumers that you will find. Is your Florida Keys business competitive in this vastly different market?

3 Networking Opportunities For Key West Businesses

Are you opening a new business in Key West? Here are three networking opportunities that you should know about. Key West Chamber of Commerce Key West Chamber of Commerce is a business network dedicated to promoting its members in the Greater Key West area. For a small fee, members can participate in coupon booklets, the

Deciding Which Type Of Restaurant You Want To Purchase

Have you always wanted to own a restaurant in the Florida Keys or anywhere in Monroe County? It's pretty much the dream life for some entrepreneurs. Warm, sunny air. Ocean breeze. Your very own restaurant in the Southern-most area of the United States. Have you also envisioned which type of restaurant your dream includes? If

Licenses And Permits Needed For Restaurants In Florida

To open a restaurant in Florida, you will need a business license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants. You will even need this license if you are the new owner of an existing restaurant, actually. If you have a new restaurant, a remodeled restaurant, a restaurant that's

How To Spot Wild Flamingos In The Florida Keys

It isn't very common to spot wild flamingos in the Florida Keys. Still, if you're a business owner serving Florida Keys tourists or hope to open a business in the Florida Keys that will serve tourists, you can know this about flamingos: People do still have a shot at seeing wild flamingos in the Florida

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