A Walking Tour of Key West, Florida with a Map

Where in the world can you go and walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in less than an hour?  The answer is Key West, Florida.  The island actually sits between the two bodies of water which makes exploring this quaint town a fascinating and educational journey.  Because of its small size,

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Three Must-Sees In The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys Are well known for their mysterious splendor, their clear blue inviting waters, their tropical temperatures year round - a taste of the islands while staying stateside! Most people don't realize there is much more to the Keys than the shore. Because of the ability to first hit land there, many historic and

Three Cheap Things To Do In Key West

Looking for some cheap things to do alone or as a family in Key West? You're in luck. Not only does Key West offer some beautiful beaches, magnificent sunsets and gorgeous weather, there are some unique things to do in this historic and oft-bragged about part of Florida. Bring some sunscreen, but don't bring a

The Three Most Beautiful Beaches In Key West

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in Key West, Florida, nearly everything you encounter is gorgeous! The water is blue and sparkling and the sky is sapphire as it runs the horizon beside the white sand. The four miles of oceanside wonder are the most southern portion of the United States, and

Should You Hire An Instagram Influencer To Market Your Florida Keys Business?

For decades, no business owner thought twice about hiring whatever celebrity they could afford to star in commercials to influence consumers. Right? These days, things are so different. Now, so much of marketing is done on social media. In order to fully market your Florida Keys business to Millennials, you'll need to be seen on

Millennials Love Micro-cations In The Florida Keys

Most Millennials no longer take vacations, at least not the types of vacations that hardworking people have taken for decades. For Millennials, micro-cations are the new vacation. Millennials love taking micro-cations to the Florida Keys and business owners in the Florida Keys can take note of this growing trend. Millennials tend to adore traveling to

How To Write Ad Content To Attract Millennials To Your Florida Keys Business

Millennials don't like normal advertising techniques. They are more likely to support your business based on shared values than a clever ad gimmick. They want authenticity. What they want matters too because they are now the largest group of consumers that you will find. Is your Florida Keys business competitive in this vastly different market?

Top 5 Key West Must-See Attractions

Key West is packed full of beautiful sites, exhilarating activities, amazing dining and much more. With more people taking micro-cations than full week-long vacations, many Key West visitors want to know which attractions in Key West are must-see attractions.  Here are five of the most beloved things to see in Key West. Duval Street Duval

Contracting With The State Of Florida

Do you own a business in the Florida Keys? Depending on the kind of business, you might be able to do contract work for the state. In order to do business with the State of Florida, you will have to create a vendor account. You can create a vendor account using the MFMP Vendor Information

Top Spots In The Florida Keys To See Dolphins

Do you know the best places to see dolphins in the Florida Keys? If you are opening a new business in the Florida Keys or if you are planning to buy an existing business in the Florida Keys that serves tourists, you should become familiar with key tourist attractions. After all, your customers will ask

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