Florida Keys Communities [Part 2]: Exploring Communities, Keys & Cities In The Upper Florida Keys

Though the Florida Keys sees ample tourists, there's still so much unrevealed about our area and the communities that can be found along the Florida Keys. In a previous blog post, we introduced a multitude of communities in the Florida Keys, but now we'd like to explore these communities a little bit more. Let's start

Three Things To Consider When Renovating Commercial Property

Everyone loves the idea of buying an old place and fixing it up, particularly somewhere historic - and the potential for a enviable and successful business such as a hotel, bed and breakfast, movie theater, or old-time restaurant exists! People love history and culture, and they love to go to anywhere with a theme -

Five Best Coffee and Tea Places in Key Largo

Key Largo might have been featured in a famous song from the 1980s, but besides the obvious tropical delights, it is also home to some locally delightful coffee! Real coffee lovers know it's never too hot for coffee, so grab your surfboard and some java and head to these cafes in Key Largo. Five Best

Does Your Florida Keys Business Have a Blog? Today’s Consumers Read Blog Posts Before They Buy

This new generation of consumers came of age in the thick of the technology boom and the midst of the Great Recession. This has made this new generation of consumers more cautious buyers. They have the tools to thoroughly research purchases before making them and the understanding of why it's important not to make wasteful

Millennials Love Micro-cations In The Florida Keys

Most Millennials no longer take vacations, at least not the types of vacations that hardworking people have taken for decades. For Millennials, micro-cations are the new vacation. Millennials love taking micro-cations to the Florida Keys and business owners in the Florida Keys can take note of this growing trend. Millennials tend to adore traveling to

Buying A Florida Keys Restaurant? Get Free Tips From Restaurant Consultants

These days, if you want to buy a restaurant, you don't have to fend for yourself completely. There is knowledge shared all the time from top restaurateurs ... For free. If you are even considering owning a restaurant, you should check out the advice from these seasoned restaurant owners and operators. You can get the

Licenses And Permits Needed For Restaurants In Florida

To open a restaurant in Florida, you will need a business license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants. You will even need this license if you are the new owner of an existing restaurant, actually. If you have a new restaurant, a remodeled restaurant, a restaurant that's

Restaurants For Sale Under A Million Dollars In The Florida Keys

What if you could buy a restaurant in the Florida Keys for under a million dollars and live the rest of your life in a tropical paradise? It might seem like a dream, but you really can currently buy restaurants for sale in the Florida Keys for under a million dollars. Currently, you could invest

Florida’s Upper Keys U.S. 1 Mile Marker Guide- Mile 112.5 through Mile 100

If you're thinking about buying commercial property in the Florida Keys, a fun way to become familiar with them is by taking a road trip down U.S. 1. The upper Keys has lots of fun surprises and this mile marker guide for Mile 100 through Mile 112.5 will highlight the coolest places to stop! Mile

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