Most Millennials no longer take vacations, at least not the types of vacations that hardworking people have taken for decades. For Millennials, micro-cations are the new vacation. Millennials love taking micro-cations to the Florida Keys and business owners in the Florida Keys can take note of this growing trend. Millennials tend to adore traveling to beautiful get-away destinations like Key West or other cities in the Florida Keys. They just don’t stay very long.

What Is A Micro-Cation?

Micro-cations are short getaways to amazing, Instagrammable destination points like a bed and breakfast in the Florida Keys. In this year’s “2019 Vacation Confidence Index,” from Allianz Global Assistance an interesting fact was revealed: 57 percent of Americans didn’t end up going on any vacation that lasted longer than four nights! That doesn’t mean people aren’t traveling. It doesn’t mean people aren’t getting to dream destinations. They’re just taking shorter trips.
One interesting fact is that almost three-fourths of Millennials took a micro-cation last year. Millennials sometimes take up to three micro-cations per year. Millennials are increasingly more eager to travel, they just travel for shorter periods of time. Millennials report that it’s just much easier to take time off work for micro-cations multiple times a year than it is to take off for one long vacation.

Best Ways To Market To Millennial Travelers

So, knowing that Millennials rarely take full-length vacations, how can business owners in the Florida Keys best market to this generation? Selling packages that feature “3-day, 2-night stays” is one way to catch the attention of a Millennial traveler. Millennials also love to tell the world about these short trips and they want to do the featured activities and taste the famed drinks.
Vacation packages that include anything like a “Key West’s famous _______” is sure to impress. If you own a bar in Key West, what’s your most popular (famous) drink? If you own a charter boat, what is the most famous area you pass by? Do you boat past a famous landmark from a popular movie that a Millennial might need to get a selfie by? If you do, feature it! Brag about it! That’s what they are looking for.
When you feature your one “must do” activity or your “must buy drink,” make sure that you feature it where the Millennials are. Feature it on your social media accounts. If you don’t have an Instagram account and you want to market to Millennials, get one ASAP!
Remember, this generation doesn’t consider travel and adventure a luxury. They consider it a part of their identity. They don’t need a luxurious bed to sleep on as much as they crave a genuine adventure worth vlogging, blogging and tweeting about. They are foodies and they want to try cool restaurants. They are seeking out eclectic destinations, but in order for them to find you, you have to have an authentic social media presence and engage this generation.
In order to encourage engagement, do the following:

  • Run contests on social media
  • Ask customers to submit their photos
  • Build genuine engagement
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t attempt to censor their feedback
  • Be creative and funny

How Can So Many Millennials Afford Multiple Micro-Cations?

Many Millennials can pay for their 3-day, 2-night trip to Key West because they are incredibly smart with hunting on travel deals. They will use virtual assistants and platforms like Hipmunk. They will find the cheapest flights possible. This way, they conserve their money for what they enjoy spending it on: Craft beer, photo-worthy appetizers and adventure! Millennials will seek out the cheapest flights, but they are willing to pay a premium for the micro-cation expenses that give them a “one-of-a-kind-experience”

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