For decades, no business owner thought twice about hiring whatever celebrity they could afford to star in commercials to influence consumers. Right? These days, things are so different. Now, so much of marketing is done on social media. In order to fully market your Florida Keys business to Millennials, you’ll need to be seen on Instagram.
Marketing on Instagram is more than just maintaining a good Instagram presence. It’s more than interacting honestly with your followers too. These days, businesses are turning to Instagram Influencers to engage in a kind of grassroots marketing. You can mess this up though if you hire the wrong influencer. See, Millennials are likely to ridicule your company if you simply hire someone to give you a shout out and they don’t actually like your product or service in real life. Millennials crave genuine, honest social media interaction from businesses. So, don’t choose an Instagram Influencer unless they actually like your products or services!
These influencers already have established credibility. They flat out tell people that they are getting paid to show their followers a product or talk about a service. Millennials don’t care if the influencer is getting paid to promote your Key West charter boat company, provided that the influencer has experienced it and genuinely liked the charter cruise.

How Can Millennials Demand Honesty And Still Trust A Paid Influencer?

This is a very interesting concept that blows away people of other generations once they realize it. Millennials learn who they can and can’t trust. They don’t give out trust easily and once someone has their trust, they have it unless they do something to damage that trust. So, an Instagram Influencer can collect money from you, so long as they disclose that information. Here’s the key though: Millennials expect that a trustworthy influencer would simply turn down the offer of payment if the product or service wasn’t good. Influencers will tell it how it is, so if you have a great product or service in the Florida Keys, hiring an Instagram Influencer is a very wise choice. If your product is not very good, sees a high percentage of returns or complaints, then you might be hard pressed to find an Instagram Influencer that Millennials trust who is even willing to promote your business at all.
See, these influencers aren’t like actors in a commercial. They are going to authentically promote your product or service for payment — But only if they actually like your product or service.

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