If you own commercial property that deals with tenants, or are thinking of buying a commercial property that deals with tenants, hiring a commercial property manager can save you a lot of time, hassle, and potentially money. Particularly if you own multiple commercial properties, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them in a timely fashion and make sure your properties and tenants are given the attention that they deserve. In an area where commercial property rentals are competitive, you must be sure to provide top notch customer service to keep your tenants happy and your income stable. Hiring the right commercial property management company is a way to address this important facet of commercial investment.

Three Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company

  • The can conduct market studies of your area
  • They deal with litigation of delinquent tenants
  • They handle complaints and schedule maintenance

Market studies are beneficial to help you get maximize your income while minimizing your vacancy rates. Basically, it’s keeping a close eye on your competitors – what amenities do they offer and what do they charge for them? It’s a very delicate balance and can change constantly, so taking that investigative work off your plate may save you a tremendous amount of time and worry (Not to worry money from excessive vacancies). A good property management company will be in contact with you frequently about local market studies and what’s going on with your main competitors, which allows you to make adjustments accordingly.
Dealing with delinquent tenants is not a fun part of commercial property ownership – but it is an aspect that must be dealt with quickly, professionally, and legally. Evicting delinquent tenants is actually a very involved legal process, and hiring a commercial property ,management company to take care of that is worth the money. They file the correct legal paperwork in the court system, can show up on your behalf at court dates, keep detailed records of interactions and attempts to contact tenants, etc. A good management company will also be able to head off evictions before it gets to that point by having strong negotiation skills and an ability to work with people and make certain adjustments to tenants who are struggling, which will only serve all of you well in the long run.
When you have a large commercial property or multiple commercial properties, scheduling maintenance and handling complaints can be an arduous, never-ending task. From leaky faucets to non-functional electrical outlets, your property management company will handle these calls and send qualified individuals to fix the issue, if needed.  They will also handle things like yearly fire inspections, health department inspections if needed, and keep a record of these inspections on your behalf. This will save you a lot of time and give you peace of mind.
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