Three Healthy Workplace Strategies To Amp Up Your Business

Whether you own a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, or a nightclub, there are definite strategies that you can implement among your business and employees to reduce employee attrition rates and attract lots of patrons. It's really true that a healthy - or unhealthy - workplace begins at the top, so if you don't have

Three Ways To Promote a Healthy Rental Culture For Commercial Tenants

What is a man or woman's word? Is it worth anything anymore? When you are working in commercial Real Estate, you can guarantee that your name and whether you keep to your word will get around really fast. Sometimes people will say untrue of unfair things, but that will quickly be overcome by all of

How To Respond To A Nasty-gram

We've all been victim of a nasty-gram at some point in time - whether it's from an unhappy client, our supervisor, colleague or neighbor. Why are emails a preferred method for someone to tell you about their dissatisfaction with you or a situation that involves you? Computers embolden people - they allow them to hide

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The Three Worst Types Of Bosses And How To Handle Them

People don't often have the opportunity to know their supervisor and his/her habits before they accept a position, and it's probably a good thing. The first thing to keep in mind is that nobody is perfect, and that includes bosses. The second thing to keep in mind is that most supervisors are made supervisors for

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Three Unique Ways To Win Your Clients Over

Part of business is making business connections and relationships, but that is easier said than done. When you are building relationships, it's necessary to remember your clients have many others that are trying to woo them as well. Of course, there is golf, and there is nothing in the world wrong with golf - but

Three Guidelines For Working Remotely

The ability to work remotely is an amazing opportunity for many people, especially those who may have certain health conditions or need flexible hours. However, even in the absence of those needs, more and more people are working remotely - studies show that about 15% of the population works from home at least part of

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Three EASY Ways To Add Character To Your Office

Let's face it - most office spaces are boring. This is a drag for not only your workers, but also for anyone who comes in to do business. We are used to customary white or beige walls and black furniture, but why? Who says you can't spruce things up a little (as long as it's

The Five Best Ways To Resolve Conflicts With Coworkers

Even if you work with the most wonderful coworkers on earth, there is bound to be occasional conflict in the workplace. This is normal and expected. What can be harmful is how it is (or isn't) handled. In fact, if you don't handle conflict constructively, or in a timely manner, you could find yourself looking

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The Five Worst Kinds Of Coworkers

Working is a part of most our lives that we cannot escape, and many of us wouldn't want to. We enjoy interacting with others, making a difference, being independent. However, there are some people that we work with that can truly turn the best jobs into complete nightmares. Chances are, you work with a person

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5 Steps To Quitting Your Job Without Burning Bridges

If you've worked for a terrible boss and had unkind, backstabbing co-workers, you've probably dreamed of this day: the day you quit your job. You're going out in a blaze of glory! You're telling them what you really think! You're walking out at lunchtime and letting them figure out how to clean up the chaos

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