It isn’t very common to spot wild flamingos in the Florida Keys. Still, if you’re a business owner serving Florida Keys tourists or hope to open a business in the Florida Keys that will serve tourists, you can know this about flamingos: People do still have a shot at seeing wild flamingos in the Florida Keys. Also, keep in mind, tourists sans tour guides often rely on merchants to fill them in on the things they want to know while visiting the Keys.
For a long time, visitors to Florida could only see flamingos in zoos and wild flamingos were seemingly gone from the state. The Audobon Society now reports that wild flamingos are back in the Sunshine State, and the Everglades isn’t the only place to find them. As uncommon as they are, it is possible for your customers to spot a wild flamingo in the Keys. Sending them on a wild flamingo chase might seem like a bad idea, but the thrill of the possibility and the hope of spotting these birds once tourists are made aware of how rare a sighting actually is a pretty fun side activity for them.
The best shot your customers will have at spotting wild flamingos will be in offshore, shallow sandbars or on mangrove islands. So, obviously, they’ll need to take to the water to find these beautiful, rare birds. Let your customers know that the best time to spot flamingos will be during the winter months. They stop here while on a migration route that starts in South America and the Caribbean and ends just north of the Florida Keys. They summer in the South and winter up here.
Wild flamingos are more common these days than in the past many decades in part due to projects to improve wetland spaces. The Miami-Dade and Broward County areas have been working towards restoring their wetlands too which will improve the odds of us seeing the wild birds here in the Florida Keys as they stop for a bit during their migration to rest and catch some fish.

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