The Florida Keys Are well known for their mysterious splendor, their clear blue inviting waters, their tropical temperatures year round – a taste of the islands while staying stateside! Most people don’t realize there is much more to the Keys than the shore. Because of the ability to first hit land there, many historic and exciting treasures remain untold about the Keys are their amazing stretches of beach and beach towns. When travelling there, you surely want to spend a lot o time frolicking in the temperate water, but make sure you see some of the awesome sights to behold on land, too!

Three Must-Sees In The Florida Keys

  •  Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum
  •  The Turtle Hospital
  •  Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Not many Americans left high school without reading at least one of Hemingway’s classic books – but did you know that seventy percent of his work was written in his gorgeous home in the Keys over a ten year time span? You can get a wonderful guided tour that lets you view his historic home and gives your a Bird’s-eye View of the scenery that inspired his epic works. His former land is filled with lots of wildlife and takes about three hours to explore – great for adults and children alike!
Whether you are a marine biologist or someone who simply loves all the creatures of the earth, The Turtle Hospital is not to be missed! You will be able to see how sea turtles in all stages of life are rehabilitated, from all kinds of illness and injury, from start to finish, and then released back into their tropical home! This is primarily an operational, functioning rehab/ hospital – the tours allow an income to support the cause – so you may see everything from eggs hatched, to surgery, to release! It’s a wonderful glimpse inside the life of what so many do to save the creatures of the sea.
The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a butterfly park that has over 60 different species of butterflies in a glass encased, climate-controlled habitat. The butterflies are from all over the world, and every size, shape and color imaginable. There is also a vast array of plant-life, cascading waterfalls, and birds that are friendly to butterflies that are free-flying and live within the habitat their entire life cycle. The conservatory is an interactive learning center for the young and old alike.
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