Whether you own a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, or a nightclub, there are definite strategies that you can implement among your business and employees to reduce employee attrition rates and attract lots of patrons. It’s really true that a healthy – or unhealthy – workplace begins at the top, so if you don’t have yourself in order, it’s probably not feasible that you are going to have your business in order or be mentally present and available to your employees and patrons. This could make or break you in you in your industry, so make you own well being a priority.

Three Healthy Workplace Strategies To Amp Up Your Business

  • Best location
  • Physical Work Environment
  • Shared Vision of Company Culture

When it comes down to it, location really is everything. Even if your business is located in the heart of a big city, if you polled the employee demographic, you may find they wished they worked in a less urban busy environment. There are perks to urban life but there are many drawbacks as well. If you’re renting a building, moving your location could be really easy. Would a quieter, spread out office on the edge of town be a better match for your employees and customers? Think about travel, parking, safety issues, and the nearness of essentials like decent restaurants or delis. Maybe it’s time to get in the market for a new building.
What is the physical work environment of your building? Is it drab, dark and damp? This is going to be a turn off to employees and customers alike. Remember that employees are your internal customers – if they are happy, it’s likely they will go much further to make the customers/guests/patrons happy. Make sure the bathrooms are remodeled and clean. Replace anything broken, and give everything a fresh coat of paint. Adding more natural light to your business is good for everyone involved – so are green plants.
Shared governance is not a new concept, but it’s a relatively new term. It’s when you let the employees make some of the decisions when the outcome is going to affect them. For instance, the bathrooms need cleaned at particular times – could the employees possibly be involved with helping to choose cleaning products? Some may choose green alternatives, some may have old favorite standbys – but the point is that you are willing to see things from their perspective. It’s not really a novel concept because employees are not going to choose things that make life harder or their job more challenging – so you’ll get fresh perspective, and an A+ for company culture.
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