What to Know Before You Buy a Commercial Building You Plan to Lease Out

If you're buying a commercial building so you can lease it out, here's what you need to know first. Mixed Use Commercial Spaces If you're looking to increase your financial or investment portfolio by adding some real property, there are many options to consider. You could try to flip some houses in a low cost

If You Love Digging Up Bargains – You Could be Wholesaling Real Estate

Are you an avid garage or yard sale shopper? Does it make your day to find an item that's priced below its true value and then argue down the price a little more? Have you resold some of your booty at a profit, either online or in person? If so, you could be ready to

Tips on Remodeling Your Rental Property

Rental properties need periodic renovation, whether to keep such units in a state of good repair or to keep up with changing renter requirements. While the general processes of renovating a rental property are similar to those used for a personal residence, they are also different in one key way. You're not renovating the property

5 Ideas to Start a Business in Key West

If you've spent any time in Key West, you're probably trying to figure out how you can start a business that'll support full-time living in this colorful, laid-back town. Here are a few new takes on some classic business ideas to get you started. Hotels / Motels / Bed & Breakfasts Lodging establishments abound in

3 Types of Rental Property Investments for New Investors

For those who are looking for their first rental property investment, diversity in the market only serves to confuse them. There are just too many variables to the equation that leads to a successful investment. New investors can make better choices by discovering the best types of property investments in the rental market. Single-Family Units

3 Simple Ways to Invest in Senior Housing

If you were a real estate investor, say, 10 years ago, you might have heard that senior housing was the next big thing. Back then, the Baby Boomer generation was the largest, and it followed logic that they'd need places to live. As it turned out, the senior housing boom predicted 10 years ago might

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