Top 3 Ways To Attract Millennial Employees To Work At Your Monroe County Business

Within a year, millennials will make up half of the workforce in the nation. If you're running or opening a Monroe County business, you will want to know how to recruit them. Millennials are motivated by different things than older generations. So, to recruit workers from this generation, we need to understand what motivates them.

Impress Millennial Guests With These 3 Simple Changes To Room Service

If you own a hotel or bed & breakfast in the Florida Keys, you might have noticed that Millennial travelers are different from guests in past decades. We know that Millennials prefer micro-cations to vacations and we've already discussed that trend. Even the way to best appeal to a Millennial ordering room service is untraditional.

How To Write Ad Content To Attract Millennials To Your Florida Keys Business

Millennials don't like normal advertising techniques. They are more likely to support your business based on shared values than a clever ad gimmick. They want authenticity. What they want matters too because they are now the largest group of consumers that you will find. Is your Florida Keys business competitive in this vastly different market?

3 Networking Opportunities For Key West Businesses

Are you opening a new business in Key West? Here are three networking opportunities that you should know about. Key West Chamber of Commerce Key West Chamber of Commerce is a business network dedicated to promoting its members in the Greater Key West area. For a small fee, members can participate in coupon booklets, the

Licenses And Permits Needed For Restaurants In Florida

To open a restaurant in Florida, you will need a business license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants. You will even need this license if you are the new owner of an existing restaurant, actually. If you have a new restaurant, a remodeled restaurant, a restaurant that's

Benefits Of A Certified Business Enterprise Status In Florida

Florida allows woman-owned enterprises, veteran-owned enterprises, and minority-owned enterprises to apply for a Certified Business Enterprise Status. This is also known as a "CBE." It affords these groups significant advantages in business. Not only does it give you a competitive edge while bidding on jobs within the state, it also helps your business get noticed

Restaurants For Sale Under A Million Dollars In The Florida Keys

What if you could buy a restaurant in the Florida Keys for under a million dollars and live the rest of your life in a tropical paradise? It might seem like a dream, but you really can currently buy restaurants for sale in the Florida Keys for under a million dollars. Currently, you could invest

What is the Florida Mentor-Protégé Program?

Did you know that the State of Florida has a Mentor-Protégé Program? The State of Florida’s Mentor-Protégé Program helps small businesses by offering help to small businesses getting started from experienced and established businesses. Florida's Mentor-Protégé Program is administered by Florida's Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD). It involves an established business owner mentoring certified woman-,

Decades-Old ‘Marathon Seafood Festival’ Set For March 9-10

The Marathon Seafood Festival was founded four decades ago by commercial fishermen. The Florida Keys has a couple other seafood festivals at least, but this is coined the "Original Marathon Seafood Festival." It's coming to Marathon March 9th and 10th. It's the oldest seafood festival in the Florida Keys. Members of the Organized Fishermen of

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The Overseas Pub & Grill: Amazing Florida Keys Investment Opportunity In Marathon

The Overseas Pub & Grill is located at 3574 Overseas Hwy (Mile Marker 49 on US 1) in Marathon, Florida. It was originally founded in 1937 and reopened in 2016 under the current owners. The current owners spent nearly three years carefully restoring the property in order to properly reflect the desired Florida Keys ambiance and

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