Within a year, millennials will make up half of the workforce in the nation. If you’re running or opening a Monroe County business, you will want to know how to recruit them. Millennials are motivated by different things than older generations. So, to recruit workers from this generation, we need to understand what motivates them. We also have to make sure that they are seeing job openings.

Step One In Recruiting A Millennial: Understanding Motivations & Compensation Needs

Too many people think that Millennials are completely self-absorbed and they miss the traits in millennials that show that they are team oriented. Millennials do want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and they want to make an impact in their companies and their world. Millennials aren’t anywhere near as entitled as they are said to be. This is a misconception. The truth is, employers misunderstand what actually motivates this generation. They think, “Gosh, how large of a salary does this kid think they deserve?” when a millennial passes on a position.
Employers need to understand that millennials aren’t nearly as capable of being lured by a fat salary than they are other perks. Are there advancement advantages? Will they be able to contribute their ideas? Will they be able to take time away from work for micro-cations? Is the environment uplifting? Do you offer any perks? Do you offer good benefits? What kind of family leave or sick day pay do you offer? Sometimes, they want to see that they have a place to lock up their bike that they intend to ride to work and have a long enough lunch to go on a quick stroll outside.

Step Two In Recruiting A Millennial: You Must Use Social Media

Make sure your business has a social media presence if you want to recruit millennials. They will check out your social media accounts before ever considering applying. They will look to see how fun your business feels. Your social media platform shouldn’t simply spotlight your products or services, it should also feature snippets from your company’s “life story.” Customers and potential employees both like to see what happens behind the scenes. They are seeking out authenticity though, so don’t fake it. More than six out of ten millennials will check out a company’s social media site in order to learn more about their potential employment. Show them the culture they could become a part of. Millennials seek transparency. Don’t bother using stock photos of a bartender if you are hiring a bartender. Use real photos of other bartenders and servers having a good time at work.

Step Three In Recruiting A Millennial: Never Fake It

We talked about authenticity above, but this extends into every area of the hiring process. Millennials won’t stay at a job if they feel they were hired under false pretenses. Maybe the position you are offering isn’t fun at all. Maybe it’s full of exhaustive but rewarding hard work. Tell them that. Show them how they will be making a difference working for your Monroe County business.

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