What to Put in a Tenant Welcome BasketWhen new tenants move into an apartment, it’s an exciting time for them and you as a landlord. For the duration of the lease, they have a secure home, and you have a steady income. By marking this occasion with a gift basket for renters, you can start off your relationship with a positive bond that helps streamline any difficulties that may occur later.
A welcome basket doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. That’s good news for landlords who may have been covering the mortgage on a vacant unit and didn’t have a lot of cash to spare.
To settle into the apartment, tenants need to unpack a lot of boxes. Anything you can provide that helps them be comfortable right away is a nice gesture. Consider putting together a simple basket with:

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Dish towel
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Basic cleaning supplies

If you specialize in luxury rentals, it may be worthwhile to spend slightly more on your welcome package for new tenants. Some landlords like to purchase subscription packages for new tenants, be it meal delivery kits that let new tenants prepare healthy meals after move-in or cleaning product subscriptions that help with housekeeping. Others like to present restaurant or grocery store gift cards worth $50 to $100; these are useful in the after a move-in period, when kitchen and pantry staples may be in boxes. The extra expense here is worthwhile when you think about the expectations of tenants in luxury properties.
Some landlords find that gifting cleaning supplies to new tenants more than pays them back over the duration of the tenancy. Renters use them to keep the apartment tidy, which reduces wear and tear that they’ll have to address when turning over the rental unit.
The most substantial gift you can give your tenants may be practical advice about your area. Whether it’s the location of emergency and fire services, tips on parking, or a list of your favorite restaurants, tenants will love the personal touch. Consider dropping off take-out menus from local restaurants, which may contain discount offers.
Taking the time to be thoughtful with a small gift can ensure goodwill throughout the lease. That’s not a bad return on investment for a landlord.

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