5 Free Online Tools to Boost Your Marketing EffortsIf you have a business in Key West then you know it is important to be on the web. But being on the web is not enough, competition is fierce in the Keys so you have to market yourself aggressively so customers can find your business. Marketing a business, whether large or small, can be time consuming and hard work, especially if you are doing it all yourself. Finding ways to reduce the amount of time and effort you need to put into your marketing campaign increases your chances of success. There are several free tools available to help make life easier and boost your marketing efforts.


No we aren’t talking about the Amazon’s Alexa Dot that you talk to in your home – we are talking about the online site (also owned by Amazon) Alexa, which can provide you with information and statistics about your competitors and their websites, and can be extremely useful for planning your marketing strategy. Using Alexa, you can analyze trends in the successes and failures of your competitors. You can also find demographical information about the visitors and regular users of other websites, which helps you to identify patterns in your intended audience, as well as gain insight into the websites they already use.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is one of the most useful tools available for gaining insight into popular search terms and customer search patterns. The Google Keyword Tool helps you to analyze the search terms used by customers, which can provide valuable insight that enables you to tailor your content and keywords to reach your intended audience.
Not only can you find out what people all over the world are searching for, you can also narrow it down to searchers in a specific country or region. This can help you to determine what local people may be interested in. All of this information can prove valuable when planning your marketing strategy.


HootSuite enables you to manage your social media accounts and monitor what other social media users are saying about you. Using HootSuite, you can post updates and messages to all of the major social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as reply to questions and messages from other users.
You can also schedule messages to be sent at specific times, share images and post links to your account. HootSuite also offers the ability to manage your account from multiple devices, including your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and view statistical information about your followers or fans.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts have a range of useful purposes for business owners. Using Google Alerts, you can set alerts for information, news and content related to specific search terms and keywords. You will then receive an email whenever the requested information is added to the Internet. This has a number of uses for your marketing campaign. You can set alerts to inform you whenever someone mentions your company, products, services or marketing campaign, enabling you to monitor what people are saying about you. It can also provide insight into how well your marketing campaign is being received. In addition, you can use Google Alerts to monitor the competition, industry news and social media related to your area of expertise.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides detailed information about backlinks to your website, allowing you to find out which websites are linking to your own. The free version of Magnetic SEO gives you a vast array of useful tools that allow you to analyze links and compare your website to those of your competitors. There is a limit to the amount of links you can analyze with the free version, but a paid version is available for those needing unlimited link analyses.


We wanted to throw in one last option for you, however this one is not free: MOZ is one of the top ranked SEO Tools out there used by experienced SEO Managers that offers suite of great services you can use to audit & analyze your site, find keywords to help you rank, provides detailed information about backlinks to your website, allowing you to find out which websites are linking to your own and can track your ranking. It also has lots of reporting features that are invaluable when determining your sites success. It is a paid for service and can be expensive but well worth the marketing money if you are serious about your websites SEO.

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