Top Customer Service TipsWe have scoured the internet for some of the best Customer Service tips to help you on the way to successful entrepreneurship! These 7 tips are sure to help you succeed. Every company that provides a product or service to the public should be concerned about the quality of its customer service. However useful your product is, poor quality customer service will alienate your customers. And this will ultimately impact your company’s revenues. Make sure you have these tips on hand so you can handle any situation like a pro!
Here are seven tips for improving your company’s customer service.

  1. Communicate clearly and simply. When a customer asks a question or makes a complaint, respond using wording that is simple and clear. Do not use obscure terms like “correspondence” or “remediate.” Instead, use simple words like “message” and “fix.”
  2. Use positive language, where possible. When responding to a question or concern, formulate your response in positive terms. Rather than saying something negative, such as “we don’t offer a refund for software that’s already been downloaded,” you could say “we’ll be glad to send you another program that better suits your needs.”
  3. Communicate directly. Avoid talking to or writing to customers using an indirect or general form of expression, such as “our customer service representatives want to fulfill all your needs.” Instead, convert it into a direct statement to one particular customer, such as “we’d like to figure out a solution to that problem you’re having.”
  4. Provide satisfaction. Of course, this is the biggest and most important recommendation: keep your customers happy! However, this does not mean that the customer is always right. Nor does it necessarily mean that there are always options available to resolve each customer’s problem. Rather, it means convincing the customer that you have heard and done everything possible to resolve their concern or answer their question.
  5. Be willing to apologize. Although this should only rarely be necessary, you must be willing to apologize when a customer is given incorrect or unhelpful information by a representative of your company. And, of course, there must be a mechanism to compensate the customer in some way for such a transgression.
  6. Allow the customer to signal the end of the interaction. When a customer asks a question or makes a complaint, try to allow the customer to bring the interaction to an end. This means that you keep talking and offering solutions until the customer is content. While such an approach is challenging – and some customers can be talkative! – it ensures that the customer does not go away angry or frustrated.
  7. Treat your customer service staff well. Sometimes employees in this area of a company are not respected or valued. That’s a shame, because they’re unlikely to do their best work if they’re not treated properly. Hire the best people and then show them – in various ways – that you appreciate their contribution to the company’s success.

Customer service is never quite as exciting as certain other functions within the company, such as product development or marketing. However, customer service is a critical aspect of every company’s operations. No business that offers poor customer service will thrive in the long run.

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