How to Get Your First 500 Twitter FollowersBusinesses setting up a new Twitter account often struggle to accumulate followers in the early stages of building their profile. Other users are often reluctant to follow businesses with a small following, so it’s important to take the time to grow your follower count. Getting your first 500 Twitter followers will take a little time and effort, but you can speed up the process by taking a few simple steps.


Engaging with other users helps to build your reputation and increases your visibility. Popular hashtags can be useful tools for increasing engagement, as they enable you to join existing conversations. You can also start your own hashtag to encourage users to interact, ask questions or get to know more about your business. Retweeting other people’s messages is also an effective way to build relationships with Twitter users.

Follow Back

Twitter marketing often works best when based on reciprocation. Many users will follow businesses to see if they return the gesture, choosing to unfollow those that fail to reciprocate. In the early stages of setting up your Twitter account, it’s usually wise to follow back when you notice a new follower. Once you have a significant follower count, you can be more selective in the people you choose to follow.

Follow Interested Users

Following other people is one of the best strategies for getting your first 500 followers, as many of them will follow your profile in return. Maximize your chances of reciprocal following by choosing users with an interest in your particular industry or field of expertise. Looking through the follower lists of other businesses within your local area can also help to identify potential followers.

Follow Industry Influencers

Following influencers and other prominent people within your industry is another great way to boost your follower count. Engaging with industry influencers gives your business credibility and helps to establish your status on social media. Ask questions and start conversations with influential people, as you want to build strong relationships with Twitter users that can help your business.
Setting up a new Twitter account can seem like a daunting prospect, but once you hit the 500 followers mark, momentum usually takes over and it will be much easier to attract new followers. Engaging with other users and following the right people will help to build your reputation and increase your visibility on Twitter.

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