When Millennials travel, they seek adventure. They’re unlikely to choose a hotel chain if a rental home with a vintage or retro look is available. They are looking for vacation rental homes bursting with character. They want the basic comforts, of course, but eclectic, unique amenities are much more alluring to the Millennial traveler. Chain hotels feel too bland and they want a unique, Instagrammable play to lay their heads at night while traveling.

Marketing Your Vintage Vacation Home To Millennials

When marketing a vacation rental home, you might think that your outdated rental could never compete with the big chain hotels, but it can. Use fun, honest social media marketing and feature those unique aspects of the home. This is even truer if you point out the awesome adventures near your vacation rental property in the Florida Keys. Find hashtags that have to do with the unique aspects of your Florida Keys vacation rental too. #RetroStove, #VacationStyle, #TimeWarp, #VintageBed, #VintageVacation, #KayakingTour, #VacationGoals, etc. Remember, Millennials aren’t looking for the all-inclusive package. They want a sharable, unique experience.

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