Part of business is making business connections and relationships, but that is easier said than done. When you are building relationships, it’s necessary to remember your clients have many others that are trying to woo them as well. Of course, there is golf, and there is nothing in the world wrong with golf – but in this unique era of millennial buyers, more females, diverse interests, you need to step up your client dating game if you’re going to make an impression. One of the best ways to do that is to bond over unique experiences that makes you (and your business) stand out. Give your clients something great to talk about – word gets around fast – including interesting and positive word! If clients are sharing unique business experiences they’ve had with you, you might find yourself in high demand. Creativity is cherished in today’s society. Celebrate individualism and don’t assume everyone wants to go golfing!
Naturally, what you are capable of doing is dependent on time and funding. Most people find that money spent wisely (on client relationships) has a tenfold investment. Put your thinking cap on, but in the meantime, we’ve listed three unique ways you can get to know and talk to your clients.

Three Unique Ways To Win Your Clients Over

  • A wine tasting
  • Horseback riding
  • A cooking class

Of course, you need to be sensitive to the needs of others. Ask if a Wine tasting/ a winery tour would be okay – you never know if someone is in treatment for addiction or has an intolerance to alcohol. But in general, wineries are fun and unique places, full of history, beautiful, and laid back! It’s a great place for you to laugh and learn about each other. It’s often not just wine on the menu, but unique breads and cheese, and the general atmosphere is perfect for forming relationships. Give it a try!
In today’s society, it is extremely difficult for people to balance work, family, and fun. Horseback riding might be the answer if your client is physically capable and has children! Many equestrian centers charge for lessons by the hour and also offer places to picnic and just walk and pet the horses. It would be a very memorable experience for the client to have – horseback riding with his/her children, plus an opportunity to get to know you and what you’re about!
Going out to dinner is a tried and true classic, but what about a cooking class? These are educational, tasty, and fun! They allow you to converse as you acquire a new skill together – which puts your client at ease, and leaves a lot of time for laughter and discussion of various topics. It also shows you’re interested in them as whole being – one who exists outside of the corporate arena, and who has needs and responsibilities at home. Everyone could benefit from learning how to cook a killer Italian classic, and the opportunity to do it with you will make you a “stand out” in the client’s mind.
Bottom line, in this day of extreme competition and diverse client interest and needs, it is time to step up your game – and not just in golf! Explore areas that showcase what you really are – inclusive and innovative. The word will soon spread that you are not only a good business partner, but you are a dynamic and interesting person! Relationships aren’t just about money, they are about the way you make the client feel about themselves and their time with you. Choosing something collaborative, fun, entertaining, and not necessarily competitive will put you on even ground – and much more likely to land a client!

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