Let’s face it – most office spaces are boring. This is a drag for not only your workers, but also for anyone who comes in to do business. We are used to customary white or beige walls and black furniture, but why? Who says you can’t spruce things up a little (as long as it’s not a fire hazard?) This could be good for business, good for company morale, and may be a nice selling point if your commercial building is ever sold.

Three EASY Ways To Add Character To Your Office

  • Paint It Red
  • Try Some Interesting Artwork
  • Grow A Tree In A Pot

Well, maybe you don’t have to necessarily paint it red (although an accent wall of red surely wouldn’t be too suggestive.) There’s a literal entire palette of colors we have skipped for years in favor of Devonshire Cream. What about Mango? Sunshine Yellow? A calming Sea Green? Turquoise? Or Make It fun and paint different cubicles with different accent colors or accent walls – as long as their don’t clash, it will add a lot of interest and warmth.
We aren’t suggesting anything extreme, but spend some time looking through an art poster site. You’d be amazed at the beautiful prints available. Are you in Real Estate? Take a cue and order some prints of unusual and gorgeous homes, from simplistic to serene. Running an Obstetrics Office? The countless renditions of “Madonna and Child” are amazing. Everything from watercolor to real photography is out there – in a broad range of prices – and all you will need to do is get it framed. It will really add a unique feel and add your personal touch.
When you long for the outdoors but work inside, sometimes a small houseplant doesn’t cut it – and doesn’t have to! You can grow several trees in large pots and place them strategically in your office. This one may require a bit more work and research (obviously it’s not going to work to grow a giant oak in your typical office) but many ornamental trees would be perfect for this. They are beautiful to look at and are a great stress buster.

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