It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is closer than we think, and people are making serious moves toward their next business adventure. That might be a new line of business entirely, it may be in a new part of the country, or a completely new way of doing things…perhaps a mixture of all three! For those with the spirit of entrepreneurship, the sky is the limit, and the economy seems to be going in their favor for now. What trends can people expect, and how does that bode for you and the line of business you’re in?

What Top Five Business Adventures Will People Begin in 2020?

  • One man/Woman Businesses (Work For Yourself)
  • Cooking Class Restaurants
  • Pet Business
  • Online Tutoring
  • Mobile App Developer

One thing that corporate America taught us is that work in cubicles kind of kills morale and creativity, and people are less likely to work as hard for the benefit of a big corporation as they are for the benefit of themselves. This isn’t selfish – it’s common sense. Look at the rise of Uber and how much more successful Uber is right now than traditional cab companies. People are going to go the extra mile when that extra mile benefits them (excuse the pun.) This translates to any line of work where you can be a one person set up. Expect it to increase.
People love to eat out, but they are also becoming much more conscious about what goes into their food and how their time is spent as a couple, family, or even alone. They like to learn skills. Many studies show that most millennials consider cooking to be a very valuable skill. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go out to eat – and you actually participated in cooking the meal and then could eat it, and go home an replicate it? This fulfills a lot of needs 1) immediate need for dinner that evening 2) socialization 3) learning a valuable skill that you can take with you. Hmmm. Lots of bang for the buck!
With every year, pets and animals become more important to our culture in the United States. We consider them family, we are interested in teaching them, learning from them, caring from them, socializing with them, rescuing them, pampering them. Look for dog spas, dog daycares, cat groomers, goat yoga, pet therapy, and much more to become even more popular.
People want to learn things – all kinds of things. The recent exorbitant amounts of student debt and lack of jobs for those with college degrees has made many people take a step back and ask themselves what is really best for their future and what are they best suited for? Not all jobs require a degree or even a license, and many skills can be learned online from a tutor from anywhere in the world. Want to learn Japanese without leaving your home? Look no further than your computer. Want to teach the art of floral arrangement or guitar? You could set up lessons online. There’s so many skills that could be taught and learned online – the sky is the limit.
In the era of electronics, people are used to things being at their fingertips more than ever before. They pay their bills and order their groceries with the touch of a button on an app. If people have a need, there’s probably a way for an app to be involved, and a true entrepreneur will find it. This has the potential to be extremely lucrative.
If you are selling commercial property right now, consider ways that you can market your property that is more versatile to suit needs that are more complex than just the regular office setting, because this type of business will soon be outranked by other types of business. What can you do to keep up with the changing times?

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