Do you own a vacation rental in the Florida Keys? You may have been at this for decades, but vacation renters have changed. Millennials look for different amenities in vacation rentals than their predecessors. Given that Millennials are the largest generation of consumers now, you might want to evaluate whether your vacation rental is ideal for this new generation of vacationers or if you need to adjust with the changes in consumer behavior.

How Do Millennials Find Vacation Rental Properties?

Millennials are less likely to use travel agents and more likely to use new web-based platforms to find the vacation rentals they choose. The three platforms that this group is most likely to search for rental units for their vacation are HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb. They will compare notes with other travelers to determine the best places to stay too, so be sure to provide plenty of Instagram-worthy photo backdrops around the property.

Features Millennials Are Looking For In A Vacation Rental

Millennials are looking for certain features and amenities, so be sure to inform your future guests if your rental unit has access to these things:

  • Highspeed Wifi
  • USB outlets in every room
  • Mobile check-ins
  • Interesting features
  • Unique locations in a walkable range

If your rental property has stylish decor or unique decor, feature it in photos in your ads or on social media.
Millennials desire authenticity and realness, so feature artwork from a local artist instead of mass-produced artwork. Promote the local culture to make them have a vacation to remember, including their rental. The place they sleep doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. It doesn’t even have to be just the place where they sleep. It can be part of what made the trip amazing.

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