Why You Need a Transient License When Buying a Vacation Rental Property in Key West

Key West is a booming tourist destination. This means it can also be a lucrative investment. Many people purchase homes in the Keys to use as vacation homes or seasonal residences. This means the property is sitting there unused for months when it could be making the owner money. The City of Key West requires

Three Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company

If you own commercial property that deals with tenants, or are thinking of buying a commercial property that deals with tenants, hiring a commercial property manager can save you a lot of time, hassle, and potentially money. Particularly if you own multiple commercial properties, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them

Three Ways To Promote a Healthy Rental Culture For Commercial Tenants

What is a man or woman's word? Is it worth anything anymore? When you are working in commercial Real Estate, you can guarantee that your name and whether you keep to your word will get around really fast. Sometimes people will say untrue of unfair things, but that will quickly be overcome by all of

Five Common Commercial Property Complaints

If you're in the business of buying or selling commercial property, and especially if you are the property manager of commercial property, you are no doubt aware that there are some common problems that seem to occur time and time again and may be harming your business. The vacancy rate of commercial property in the

Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Specialized, Differ From Residential Agents

Commercial real estate involves an enormous range of minutiae compared to residential real estate. It's imperative that you don't use a residential real estate agent to handle your commercial real estate needs. Your real estate team must be well-seasoned in commercial real estate. State, federal, and local laws are involved. Especially in the Florida Keys,

What Is The Formula For Determining Cap Rate?

Are you just beginning to look into commercial real estate and curious about the term, "cap rate"? As a formula, you divide the net operating income (NOI) of a rental property by the value of the property. Thats will give you a percentage. The percentage shows the annual rate of return on the rental property. You can

What Is A Holdover Tenant In A Florida Commercial Lease Situation And What Recourse Do You Have?

Florida Statute 83.06 gives landlords some extra strength in the even that a tenant becomes a holdover tenant. A holdover tenant is a tenant that refuses to leave the premises at the end of a lease. In order to discourage this type of activity from a tenant the law provides multiple options. The landlord is

Landlord Duties And Obligations For Commercial Real Estate In Florida

Landlords in Florida have the most primary duty and obligation to make sure the property is available to the lessee on the date stated on the lease. They also have other duties too though. Here are a few duties that commercial lessors in Florida must follow. The landlord has a "duty of quiet enjoyment." This

How Does Florida’s Statutory Lien Remedy Allow Commercial Lessors To Recover Past Due Rent?

As a commercial landlord, you may eventually be forced to deal with your tenants' failing to pay rent. Should that happen, you do have a means of recourse. Obviously you can begin an eviction process. Yet, what about all of the missed rent payments? Do you, a commercial lessor, have to consider that a loss

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