Thinking of starting a business in Key West, Florida? If so, you’ve picked a wonderful place! Not only is Key West known for its clear blue waters, white sand and tropical beaches, it has a rich history dating back hundreds of years, with legends of pirates and Europeans making land and staking claim to the beautiful stretch of land. Key West is also home to many marine animals, which means that many marine biologists study there – and it is home to several sea-life sanctuaries and even a sea turtle hospital! There is a little something for everyone in Key West, which means it is a great town for entrepreneurs, and many commercial properties can be turned into many different types of businesses that flourish in the coastal town.

Three Great Businesses For Commercial Property In Key West

  • Coffee Shops
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Bed and Breakfasts

Coffee shops are popular in most towns, but for the locals of Key West, who love their art galleries and dog beaches, hanging around the local café is an everyday part of life. Different cultures merge here, so a taste for the exotic is expected and anticipated, be it in coffee flavors, pastries, or lunch deli items. Tourists also love the ambiance of the coffee scene in Key West, so don’t be fooled by the myth that in a sub-tropical climate, nobody is drinking coffee! Quite the opposite, in fact – true lovers of coffee enjoy their brew no matter the climate, and it is an expected part of the social scene in a town like Key West.
Tourist attractions are another great use for commercial property – both bike rental shops and deep sea fishing equipment/boat rentals are popular and frequently used in Key West. Even better, unlike other beach towns, Key West is in perpetual beach mode/tourism spirit, all year long, because of the tropical climate. In fact, the winter often brings many people to Key West because other beaches are too cold for their liking. The deep sea fishing community attracts fishermen that return each year, and the well-used bike paths are a major source of travel and recreation for the coastal town.
Beds and Breakfasts do incredibly well in Key West, both because they offer the ambience and charm of history, and many tourists love the personal touch that a Bed And Breakfast can offer. Between the gorgeous gardens, beautiful views, and easy walks to the shore, not to mention year-round tourism, this is a business that can prosper and grow beautifully in Key West – all in needs is your special touch and creativity!
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