Millennials are the largest generation that has ever existed. Residential real estate teams are already learning to adapt to this new consumer group, but commercial real estate teams have been lagging behind in some respects because millennials are in their 20s and 30s. Their time of commercial real estate dominance is almost upon us. If you are going to sell your commercial property in the Florida Keys, you need to stick with a team who knows how to market to all generations. Let us help you. We understand that despite the media’s labeling of this generation as entitled, they are actually financially smart. They are skipping renting apartments and heading right into purchasing homes for example. They know that’s the smart financial choice.
This generation is self-motivated and they follow their own ideals and dreams. With them comes a shift in real estate marketing. If you thought you could place an add in a real estate magazine and call it good, you’ll miss out on buyers already. Things have already changed in this industry in just a couple of years and more changes are headed our way. From paper to online listings, times have changed and will continue to change. Simply being online isn’t even enough anymore. Millennials rarely use desktop computers. They check listings from apps on their mobile phones. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.

What Will Millennial Entrepreneurs Want From This Industry?

Plus, millennials are cautious, educated purchasers and they want to know all the stats before they even step foot into a commercial building they are considering renting. They will want to know all the details about size, pricing, zoning regulations, and they won’t want to wait. They won’t want to have to call us up to know these details. They will want to see it right in the listing. They will want photos, yes. But they will eventually want more than photos. They will want virtual tours. As millennials make their way into commercial real estate purchasing, virtual reality tours of commercial buildings will eventually become the standard. They will want video tours. They will demand the video tours be more than just the photos in the listing set to music. Eventually, full video walkthroughs will be commonplace. Millennials will demand better technology. Eventually, we will see 3D interactive models of commercial buildings. Online lead generation will eventually outpace referral-based leads, unless you factor in social media referrals.

We Are Prepared For Millennial Changes To Real Estate

This generation has been living at home longer, as the media portrays. That’s true. What is left out of the full picture though is that these young adults have been saving money, building credit, and planning for their futures. We are taking this generation seriously.
When the market demanded that we move to online listings and robust online resources, we stepped up. When it became clear that our clients needed access to wi-fi in our building so that they can quickly check facts and send out emails or texts without waiting until they got home, we got wi-fi in our building. As websites evolved, so did ours. Your potential tenants or buyers wanted to be able to schedule a showing online. We made sure they could. We don’t post a few photos to our listings, we show them all the photos we can.
We pride ourselves on our capacity to market your commercial property effectively to all generations, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to sell or rent your commercial space whether that’s today, with today’s standards or next year, with whatever newer standards clients demand. We have decades of experience in this industry and we are prepared to market your property to potential purchasers or tenants at an international level, no matter where the future takes this industry.

RE/MAX Keys Connection

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The RE/MAX Keys Connection office is located in the Historic Heritage House in the heart of Old Town, conveniently located immediately nearby major downtown hotels. Our unique, cafe-style real estate office offers our valued clients a welcoming, upscale, professional environment. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free wi-fi, and a private conference room or expansive front porch, depending on the level of privacy you’re most comfortable with.

Experienced Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company

RE/MAX Keys Connection’s owner and broker Curtis Skomp is one of South Florida’s top commercial real estate brokers. With over two decades of experience and a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation, Curtis has brokered commercial real estate including industrial properties, shopping centers, strip malls, trailer parks, bars, restaurants, hotels and multi-unit apartment buildings. Unlike many brokers, Curtis isn’t intimidated by bank foreclosures either.
RE/MAX Keys Connection offers clients international exposure with local service. Our service area includes  Key West, Big Pine Key, Marathon, Islamorada, Key Largo, and all of unincorporated Monroe County.  Our office is fluent in Spanish, which is highly important when doing business in Southern Florida.

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