Whether you are attempting to gain more customers or sell your business, the key to success is attracting the right people who may have an interest in what you have to offer. This can be somewhat intimidating, especially to a new business owner. The truth is, no matter what line of business you are in, there are going to be people who are interested and people who are not interested. One of the keys of being successful is honing in on the interested people, and not being offended by those that are not. It’s a far better way of advertisement to get would-be customers to come to you, instead of chasing people that aren’t remotely interested. This will leave you frustrated and feeling defeated. Advertising is truly one of those times that you need to work smarter, not harder. If you know your target audience, you are far ahead of the game. This may require a little bit of homework, depending on what your line of business is. The time you invest will pay richly in dividends.

Three Easy Ways To Advertise Your Business

  • Have an open house
  • Start a blog
  • Join a message board centered around the product of service that your business provides

Having an open house may seem like old news, but there’s ways to put a new slant on it. Don’t just have an informational booth – boring! Instead, host a class that may be connected in some way to your business. You could have tables set up that allow customers to make beaded lanyards or bracelets, decorate their own cookie, tie dye a T-shirt – think outside the box! When people are able to connect an enjoyable activity along with something that they can bring home that they feel has value (note: your magnets and pens probably don’t have much value to them), they are able to associate your business with something fresh and exciting. Get creative about what you offer at your open house, and keep some kid-friendly feel-good music on, and plenty of lemonade and/or coffee available.
People love to read blogs. Why? It’s a fun way to literally read other people’s business! What better way to connect with people than to share your thoughts and ideas? Of course, you need to keep it politically correct – remember that views on politics and religion are bound to offend. But sharing your experiences of living in the area as a child, a personal battle you’ve overcome, your favorite way to de-stress and unwind, your favorite recipes, etc., will allow your customers to get to know you and “follow” you! If you make your posts shareable, you will reach an even larger audience. Blogging is therapeutic for you, too – just be sure that you don’t name people who don’t wish to be named, keep things positive, and always be sincere and real. Being “human” is something that will win a lot of hearts and a lot of business!
Almost every hobby or business these days has a message board or business community that is dedicated to it online. It’s a place where people who share certain interests, trials, and triumphs can come together to support each other and bounce ideas off each other. This is a perfect opportunity for you to “sell yourself” and your brand – not only by what you post, but how you respond to other people’s posts. People want to patronize businesses where the owners are thoughtful, kind, and invested in the community. Make sure that you’re regularly giving advice and kudos to new entrepreneurs and helping people when you can. People will notice YOU first, and then they will want to click on your business link. Relationships aren’t always made in the flesh – they can also be cultivated from your persona on social media, so make yours a good one.

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