If you’re buying or selling commercial or property, you should be aware of some of the things people are looking for. It’s not always possible to accommodate everyone’s wants and desires, but being aware will put you ahead of the game.

Things To Consider About Commercial Property

  • Transportation – how will clients access the building?
  • Appropriate Size
  • Adequate Parking
  • Lots of Lighting
  • Internet Capability

The first one seems rather simple but depending on area, can be complex. Is it far away from other commercial businesses? Is there a bus or train route nearby? Are roads safe and adequate?
Is the building an appropriate size? Many buyers fall in love with a particular office to find it’s too small or too big for their needs, both which will be off-putting to the consumer. If it’s too large, your space will look bleak, stark and non-inviting (not to mention you’ll likely be paying too much money in rent!) If it’s too small, your business will be cramped, cluttered, and may appear unorganized. While it’s true that this may take a little experimentation if you’ve never bought or rented commercial property before, you can scout other similar business for ideas.
Adequate parking is an absolute must. If your customers can’t find a place to park, they won’t use your business. A private parking lot is ideal, but a nearby parking garage, street parking and metered parking work, as long as they are well-lit, safe areas.
Speaking of lighting – your commercial property should have plenty of it, and preferably the natural kind from windows and skylights, not the fluorescent kind from ceiling lights. Not only does this cut down on electricity use, it also provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere your workers and customers will love.
In this day and age, internet capability is an absolute most, the faster the better. Make sure you have adequate satellite or routers to provide this service. If not, a buyer won’t look twice at buying your property. Nearly everything is remote or online now, and businesses must have the technology to support that.

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