Key West, Florida, is the most southern city in the United States – it must always be hot as blazes, right? For people who are looking to set up a business, buy a home, or simply travel to Key West, it may behoove them to learn a little more about weather conditions, which while warm, are often not quite as hot as many people expect, and most people find this delightful.

Since this area is in the Gulf of Mexico, most people think of a very hot climate. This is true, but it is not true all year. The average temperature of Key West is 83 degrees for a high all year, but in August, the average high is ninety degrees. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hotter days, as many days can top out at 100 degrees or even higher. August also boasts the warmest ocean water temperature, when the average water temperature is 87 degrees.

The coldest month in Key West is unsurprisingly January, when the average high is 70 degrees. That’s still plenty nice for outdoor activities and doesn’t require a jacket, but most people don’t enjoy outdoor swimming in seventy degree weather. Fortunately, overnight lows don’t drop much, so you’ll experience nighttime weather of 60 – 65 degrees. This may require a light jacket but little else. Winter is also the driest season in Key West, so plan to visit if you’re looking to avoid hurricane season and/or don’t like rain!
September has the most rainfall, with an average of nearly six inches, but it is also very warm. Hurricane season runs from June to November, and although the last decade has brought little hurricane activity to the Keys, the possibility always exists. If you are visiting during Hurricane Season and a hurricane is headed toward the Florida Keys, it’s important to remember that like all other areas, a mandatory evacuation plan will require to you to leave, so keep that in mind as you make plans. Some places may offer insurance for situations like this – be sure to inquire.
The final takeaway is yes, the Keys are warm – the question is, do you like a little warm or really warm? Are you crazy about swimming in the ocean and other ocean activities? Are you open to a little rain? This guide can help you make important decisions about your time in The Keys.

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