Many people view an open house as a selling tool for a residential home, but it can be used for so much more! It may be especially beneficial to a commercial property that sits among other commercial areas, where people are already likely to be shopping or working. Many store managers and business owners will walk past your open house and may decide to come in and see what you have to offer! There are ways to make it more enticing as well, particularly to those who may be perusing as a family.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Commercial Open House

  • Offer food/refreshment
  • Offer children’s activities
  • Offer free tours and materials

Who doesn’t love free food and drinks? They’re on the house! Sure, it’s a little upfront expense, but think of the turnout you might get for offering up some coffee, tea, lemonade, and donuts. It need not be fancy – just make sure it’s delicious. People may initially come in for the food, but will stay if you have other interesting things happening as well!
Is it a busy Saturday when many people have their children with them? No problem at all – Hire a face painter or a balloon artist to keep the little ones entertained! This will draw in a younger crowd, but many of their parents are up and coming entrepreneurs! Your ability to work and be kind to all ages will be a strong selling point. Make sure to spend as much time talking to the children as the adults – it will show you are sincere, a quality that people value above almost all else.
Let people roam your building freely or offer frequent tours. This is the time to make sure the water fountain is gorgeous and the glass is spotless, so make sure you get a cleaning crew in right before your open house. Also be sure to offer nice pens with your commercial property listing on them. Everyone loves a nice pen! They will also appreciate that you aren’t cheap. Because pens tend to travel, there’s no telling where it may end up – hopefully in the hands of you next buyer!

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