Is Monroe County Affected By The Federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act?

If you're interested in buying commercial properties in Monroe County, Florida, you should know a little about the Federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act. See, some properties in Monroe County may be affected by this law or proposed amendments to it. You can always learn more about whether a property is affected by the Federal Coastal Barrier Resources

Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate Presents Unique Regulatory Challenges

Commercial real estate transactions in the Florida Keys present unique challenges. Consider the reason tourists are so drawn to this area. The gorgeous environment is also incredibly fragile. State and local regulations can be much more strict for investors in the Keys than in other areas around the country. See, in order to protect the

Monroe County New Business Owners Information Guide

If you have plans for a new business in Monroe County, Florida,  make sure you don't hit any snags. Here's a brief overview of considerations for people opening businesses in Monroe County. Local Business Taxes In Monroe County If you plan to lease a commercial property and open a new business in Monroe County, Florida,

Leasing Commercial Buildings In Monroe County: Business Taxes

If you're planning to lease a commercial building in Monroe County in which to operate a business, you'll need to understand Monroe County business taxes and permits. If you wish to provide merchandise or services to the public, you will need to know this information.  Even if you have no employees, and even if you

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