3 Things to Know Before You Buy a Commercial Building

Owning commercial real estate is very different from owning residential real estate. Once you own a commercial building, you may need to get the building re-zoned for different uses or upgrade the building for new tenants. In addition, residential tenants are happy to sign up for a one year lease. As a general rule, business

5 Ideas to Start a Business in Key West

If you've spent any time in Key West, you're probably trying to figure out how you can start a business that'll support full-time living in this colorful, laid-back town. Here are a few new takes on some classic business ideas to get you started. Hotels / Motels / Bed & Breakfasts Lodging establishments abound in

Providing Proof Of Funds For Commercial Real Estate Purchase Offers

If you're planning to purchase commercial real estate in Key West or the Florida Keys, you are going to need a proof of funds letter. The sellers' agent will make sure that no offer moves forward until a proof of funds letter is available to go along with the offer to purchase the Flordia Keys

What Impact Will Millennials Have On Commercial Real Estate In The Future?

Millennials are the largest generation that has ever existed. Residential real estate teams are already learning to adapt to this new consumer group, but commercial real estate teams have been lagging behind in some respects because millennials are in their 20s and 30s. Their time of commercial real estate dominance is almost upon us. If

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Ahead Of Recessions, Smart Investors Focus Purchasing For Cash Flow, Not Appreciation

When the economy is going great, commercial property investors could buy almost anything and still come out ahead. Until just a couple of years ago, if you were to buy a commercial property, you could increase rent prices almost yearly. Yet, even when commercial real estate opportunities involved buyer mistakes, the property's appreciation alone made

What’s The Difference Between A Commercial And Residential Real Estate Agent?

Commercial real estate and residential real estate are entirely different. It's important to choose an agent/broker who is familiar with the specifics of commercial real estate when buying or leasing commercial real estate. The two disciplines of real estate vary greatly. Commercial real estate is focused on real estate involving business. The predetermined objective of

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