If You Love Digging Up Bargains – You Could be Wholesaling Real Estate

Are you an avid garage or yard sale shopper? Does it make your day to find an item that's priced below its true value and then argue down the price a little more? Have you resold some of your booty at a profit, either online or in person? If so, you could be ready to

3 Steps to Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate

Flipping houses is all the rage, fed by several popular television shows with high profile flipping personalities. It looks like fun, and it can be. You can use the fix-and-flip strategy, but this article is about wholesale flipping. The wholesaler has no intention of doing anything to the home. They buy and resell the homes

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2 Ways to Fund a Wholesale Real Estate Deal With Minimal Cash

Wholesaling in real estate investing, also called contract flipping, is purchasing a home and reselling it to a buyer in a short period of time and without any repairs or rehab work.  Before getting into the funding, what are the other necessary components of the deal? The Buyer Most wholesale deals are sold to rental

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