A roof is a huge investment – and one you can’t get around if you want to protect your home. While a shingled roof traditionally lasts twenty years or so, there are extreme conditions that can make them succumb to the elements much faster than normal, such as high winds, extremes in temperature, and pest infestation. Shingles are better now than ever before, but many people are now opting for tin roofing. I know some eyebrows are raising at that – a hot tin roof in some areas like Florida? Absolutely, yes!

5 Benefits To A Metal Roof Over Shingles

  • lasts approximately sixty years
  • water resistant
  • Reflectivity and emissivity
  • recyclable
  • Pest resistant

With most tin roofs lasting sixty years, they last three times as long as shingles. Most people will never need to replace it during their home ownership. While it is more expensive, the long term benefit of not having to replace it more than makes up for that.
Tin roofs are specially coated so that they are resistant to humidity, rust, water, and corrosion. They hold up well in cold, wet, humid, tropical, and rainy areas as well as dry areas. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, they are much less likely to blow away than a shingled roof. In general, more protection for your home and your loved ones and those inside it.
Many people are afraid they will bake in a tin roof. Not so! They can actually reflect light so that they are good for the environment and help with energy bills. Emissivity means the amount of heat that is radiated away. Both of these features might even get you a tax break as well!
Because a tin roof is a gigantic piece of tin, it is 100% recyclable. So, when it is time to replace it, your grandchildren can have it recycled and probably get some good cash for it. Not a bad deal!
Perhaps best of all – some bests like to reside in shingled roofing. Bats like to hang out in shingles as do some insects. With metal, you don’t have this problem, and a metal roof is easy to clean. Just be sure you don’t mind the sound of rain!

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