Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Specialized, Differ From Residential Agents

Commercial real estate involves an enormous range of minutiae compared to residential real estate. It's imperative that you don't use a residential real estate agent to handle your commercial real estate needs. Your real estate team must be well-seasoned in commercial real estate. State, federal, and local laws are involved. Especially in the Florida Keys,

What’s The Difference Between A Commercial And Residential Real Estate Agent?

Commercial real estate and residential real estate are entirely different. It's important to choose an agent/broker who is familiar with the specifics of commercial real estate when buying or leasing commercial real estate. The two disciplines of real estate vary greatly. Commercial real estate is focused on real estate involving business. The predetermined objective of

Understanding Commercial Property Zoning

Commercial property zoning is different from agricultural or residential zoning in a significant way. See when a parcel is zoned commercial, it will have a designated specific use. For example, one piece of commercial property might be zoned for industrial use, another for retail use and another for restaurant use. Commercial Real Estate Brokers Understand

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