There’s a lot of reasons that your building can develop a funky odor, and it always needs to be investigated. Sometimes it can be due to serious problems – mildew and mold, which can be hazardous to your health, or perhaps some type of rodent infestation, which can be even worse. Maybe you have some smokers somewhere – also a serious problem. Sewer odors should always be investigated. In the meantime, though, what can you do to make the building smell better? Perhaps you have an open house or another event happening soon, and you need to find a way to make the place smell better fast. Unfortunately, your natural tendencies of using air freshener spray may not help – and may mingle with the stinky smell and make a worse one!

Three Ways To Naturally Freshen Your Building

  • Open all the windows
  • Use Vinegar To Clean The Windows and Floors
  • Use Essential Orange Or Lemon Oil in a Diffuser

It seems obvious, but opening the windows wide (even if it’s raining) is a great way to freshen up the house. Turning on some ceiling fans is even better if you can do that as well. Night air smells especially fresh, so if you are able to leave windows safely open at night, all the better.
There’s a lot of cleaners on the market, and a lot of them only mask odors. Using a mixture of water and vinegar to clear windows and floors will destroy and neutralize bad odors, and any vinegar smell will dissipate within minutes. Vinegar is a natural anti bacterial and anti viral agent.
If you really want to sweeten the air, try some essential oil diffusers and use lemon or orange essential oil for a pleasant, light scent that nearly everyone will find refreshing and not too oppressive.

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