4 Ways to Earn Rental Income from Your Primary Residence

Investing in real estate has long been a way for average people to earn rental income from properties they own. In most cases, that income is derived from properties specifically acquired to provide it. However, there are ways to generate income without acquiring a property separate from the one in which you live. Here are

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3 Types of Rental Property Investments for New Investors

For those who are looking for their first rental property investment, diversity in the market only serves to confuse them. There are just too many variables to the equation that leads to a successful investment. New investors can make better choices by discovering the best types of property investments in the rental market. Single-Family Units

Why You Need a Transient License When Buying a Vacation Rental Property in Key West

Key West is a booming tourist destination. This means it can also be a lucrative investment. Many people purchase homes in the Keys to use as vacation homes or seasonal residences. This means the property is sitting there unused for months when it could be making the owner money. The City of Key West requires

Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate For Sale

You can find commercial real estate in the Florida Keys from Key West to Key Largo. You'll find businesses for sale in the Florida Keys from retail stores to marinas and everything in between. Are you interested in purchasing an established restaurant in Key West? Maybe you want to own a bed and breakfast in

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