Opening a Microbrewery? Look for a Building With These Features

Microbreweries are labors of love for their owners, and finding the right building to work out of is important. Despite the name, the building that houses your microbrewery needs to be anything but micro in order to ensure there's enough room to make beer properly. It's an old adage for a reason: Location, location, location.

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3 Things to Know Before You Buy a Restaurant in the Florida Keys

Starting your own business is always an exciting prospect. If you're thinking about buying a restaurant in the Florida Keys, here's what you need to know. 3 Things to Know Before You Buy a Restaurant in the Florida Keys Many people take the plunge by becoming a business owner, but often do so not really

Tips for Buying a Commercial Building

When you're buying a commercial building in the Florida Keys, here's what you need to know: Which commercial real estate sector you want to invest in The local area around the building you want to buy What finance experts say What construction experts say How to deal with the legal side of the process Know

What if the Commercial Building You Want to Buy Needs Repairs?

In the commercial real estate business, you will come across properties that need repairs. Depending on the agreement, parties and condition of the property your ultimate decision may either make or break you. So, here are a few options you may want to consider when buying commercial buildings that need repairs. Negotiate a Fair Purchase

Top Customer Service Tips

We have scoured the internet for some of the best Customer Service tips to help you on the way to successful entrepreneurship! These 7 tips are sure to help you succeed. Every company that provides a product or service to the public should be concerned about the quality of its customer service. However useful your

4 Tips For Finding the Right Property For Your Business

Smart entrepreneurs know that the time they spend on planning before they actually open their doors can have a significant impact on their success in the longer term. If "location, location, location" is a winning formula for choosing a business site, then you may have to devote a considerable amount of time and travel to

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