3 Simple Ways to Invest in Senior Housing

If you were a real estate investor, say, 10 years ago, you might have heard that senior housing was the next big thing. Back then, the Baby Boomer generation was the largest, and it followed logic that they'd need places to live. As it turned out, the senior housing boom predicted 10 years ago might

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The Real Deal About Key West Weather

Key West, Florida, is the most southern city in the United States - it must always be hot as blazes, right? For people who are looking to set up a business, buy a home, or simply travel to Key West, it may behoove them to learn a little more about weather conditions, which while warm,

5 Ways To Add Inexpensive Character to Any Building In The Florida Keys

When people are buying homes, they are looking for something that makes one stand out or one that seems to resonate with them. Unfortunately, many people are looking at so many homes in one day that they often forget than amenities of each house they tour. You can making you home have character and style

Millennials Love Micro-cations In The Florida Keys

Most Millennials no longer take vacations, at least not the types of vacations that hardworking people have taken for decades. For Millennials, micro-cations are the new vacation. Millennials love taking micro-cations to the Florida Keys and business owners in the Florida Keys can take note of this growing trend. Millennials tend to adore traveling to

Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate For Sale

You can find commercial real estate in the Florida Keys from Key West to Key Largo. You'll find businesses for sale in the Florida Keys from retail stores to marinas and everything in between. Are you interested in purchasing an established restaurant in Key West? Maybe you want to own a bed and breakfast in

Commercial Lease Agreements In The Florida Keys

A commercial real estate lease agreement in the Florida Keys will be crucial as a real estate investor. They can be, and should be, far more complicated that a lease on a residential unit. These must be handled with caution and we always suggest getting professional legal advice before signing a commercial lease agreement in

Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate Presents Unique Regulatory Challenges

Commercial real estate transactions in the Florida Keys present unique challenges. Consider the reason tourists are so drawn to this area. The gorgeous environment is also incredibly fragile. State and local regulations can be much more strict for investors in the Keys than in other areas around the country. See, in order to protect the

Capital Accumulation Through Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in the Florida Keys offers appreciation, income tax relief and capital accumulation opportunities. Our area thrives on tourism and the boating industry. Consequently, commercial real estate and business ventures in either areas have the potential to do very well here. Similarly, motels, hotels, bed & breakfasts, bars and restaurants also offer outstanding

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