Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Specialized, Differ From Residential Agents

Commercial real estate involves an enormous range of minutiae compared to residential real estate. It's imperative that you don't use a residential real estate agent to handle your commercial real estate needs. Your real estate team must be well-seasoned in commercial real estate. State, federal, and local laws are involved. Especially in the Florida Keys,

Does Key West Need More ‘Coworking’ Office Buildings?

At a recent ULI Houston luncheon discussing matters including the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2019, the idea of coworking as a core strategy came up. Though it was a gathering of Houston minds, the implications are actually being realized across the nation: Commercial real estate investors are becoming more than just landlords, there's a

How Does Florida’s Statutory Lien Remedy Allow Commercial Lessors To Recover Past Due Rent?

As a commercial landlord, you may eventually be forced to deal with your tenants' failing to pay rent. Should that happen, you do have a means of recourse. Obviously you can begin an eviction process. Yet, what about all of the missed rent payments? Do you, a commercial lessor, have to consider that a loss

Commercial Lease Agreements In The Florida Keys

A commercial real estate lease agreement in the Florida Keys will be crucial as a real estate investor. They can be, and should be, far more complicated that a lease on a residential unit. These must be handled with caution and we always suggest getting professional legal advice before signing a commercial lease agreement in

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