5 Commercial Building Energy Savings Tips

Owning a commercial building means that it typically comes with more energy usage than a regular residential dwelling. This is expected, but if you are concerned about the carbon footprint or the bill (or both!) that more energy consumption brings, there are ways to combat the overall energy use. Over time, it is a good

Commercial Real Estate Agents Are Specialized, Differ From Residential Agents

Commercial real estate involves an enormous range of minutiae compared to residential real estate. It's imperative that you don't use a residential real estate agent to handle your commercial real estate needs. Your real estate team must be well-seasoned in commercial real estate. State, federal, and local laws are involved. Especially in the Florida Keys,

Does Key West Need More ‘Coworking’ Office Buildings?

At a recent ULI Houston luncheon discussing matters including the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2019, the idea of coworking as a core strategy came up. Though it was a gathering of Houston minds, the implications are actually being realized across the nation: Commercial real estate investors are becoming more than just landlords, there's a

Recognizing Signs Of Termites In Commercial Buildings in The Keys

Unfortunately, termites are common in the Florida Keys. Commercial buildings made with wood are very susceptible to termite infestations. In residential properties, it's actually rare to find homes without any termite damage in this area. There are three types of termites in Florida: Subterranean, Dampwood, and Drywood. Drywood termites are the most common in building

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